Forged products to order - our profile. We carry out orders of any complexity, from simple welded metal structures, to highly artistic forged decor elements, complex forged products for the most daring architectural solutions.

Art forging today is again in demand and is a sign of the development of culture, creating its own style in architecture, different from modern samples of glass and concrete. The demand for this kind of art does not exclude the exclusivity of forged products, emphasizing the uniqueness of residential and office buildings. Thus, forging in the modern world remains both art and craft. The art of making metal products with forging unites masters, artists, designers of the company "Bastion".


Professionalism and high skill in working with metal - that's the main thing that Bastion does. Specialists of our company at all stages of the work: from the execution of sketches of architectural drawings, when the art forging is chosen for you, before the installation of products and finish coating, apply the latest technology, the latest achievements of technology and modern design solutions. Using the equipment, experience and skill, Bastion specialists perform completely manual work, for example, the restoration of architectural monuments or the implementation of individual orders, and also produce welded structures, forging the initial level in large volumes, for example, to create long fences. Quality forged products always reflect the individual approach of each master blacksmith. After all, he does his favorite thing, which means that the result of labor for him is sometimes even more important than for the future owner.

Of course, if forged products were too expensive, they could not get wide distribution, because only a few could obtain the works of masters of blacksmithing. Therefore, the company "Bastion" offers forged products at quite affordable prices. When forming the final cost of work, we always apply an individual approach to the customer. Therefore, each of our clients finds their ideal design and receives works of art forging in accordance with their capabilities. Thus, the customers of the masters "Bastion" become the owners of forged products, which in due course will cost only more. Because the skill does not age, forged metal will live longer than the person who created it, and the beauty embodied in the metal is priceless.
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